It’s strange when an Irish group gets really hyped up when they only have one song under their belt – or on their Soundcloud anyway. But that’s what happened with Ships. They stuck up ‘Two Hearts‘ on their page to little fanfare and waited for the people to come to them. I’ve gone back to listen to it countless times since late last year. And then nothing. Only a couple of live shows in Dublin, I think (I don’t live in Dublin), and no new music. Until now. Ships are releasing a split 7″ with I am the Cosmos, another amazing electronic group from Ireland. I actually saw their first live show together a few months ago (yes, in Dublin) and they blew me away. The two groups are releasing the 7″ via Synth Eastwood. John Cowhie – erstwhile known as Goodtime (new video here) designed the geometric artwork above. The split single is launched on May 25 and will make you dance. Listen to ‘You’re Gonna Feel It’ and ‘Take What You Want’ below. The first is the one that gets you going for the night, while I am the Cosmos’s track is perfect for afterwards.