Let’s add him to the growing longer by the day list of Irish electronica. GEM_DOS only has a couple of tunes up on his Soundcloud page but they’re addictive. He’s originally from London and has been living in Dublin for the last five years – plus he’s half-Irish, so I guess we can claim him… The cut-up ‘Sand Hands’ sees GEM_Dos messing with a very simple, repetitive female voice over the course of three minutes. The track slowly morphs, adding more and more until it reaches overload. He says: “The main riff of this tune was lying around for ages and was nearly finished as a complete tune but then got left behind by other projects. I basically came back and deleted most of the tune leaving just the elements I really liked and then built it back up again adding the vocal samples etc. The mood is meant to be kind of sad but reflective.” There’s another track, ‘Violent Silence’, plus a couple of mixes over at his Soundcloud.