I’ve been waiting so long for this, the debut album from Dublin duo Last Days of 1984. The second track off Wake Up To The Waves, ‘River’s Edge’, and the final track, ‘Woods’, have been around for pretty much a year now. When they arrive, they sound like old friends, arriving in on sounds very similar to Animal Collective. That was my main concern when I first heard the tracks all those months ago, and the comparison hasn’t gone away. Chris Jones of AU, writing for Heineken Music, thinks it’s too overbearing an influence, giving a tentative thumbs up to the album. Nialler 9, meanwhile, in premiering the album compared it to Tanlines, and adding that the AC comparison in merely a coincidence; that the band are engulfed in worldly influences.

If you haven’t heard Animal Collective, then you’re in for an original feast, with tracks like ‘Safari’ ushering in a reflective tone before ‘Kismat’ goes one step further, taking you away to a plain without you even realising it. The album’s only seven tracks long, but each track draws you in, adding and building the sound up. It’s an unassuming record, and with ‘Season’ and ‘Wave Life’ as the 13-minute centrepiece, will leave an indelible impression on you. Yes, there are African drums throughout and yes, Chris Jones isn’t wrong about the AC influence, but they’re so far ahead of the musical game that Last Days should be adored for being able to more than hold their own. And in ‘Woods’, they have an absolute monster.

Last Days of 1984 launch Wake Up To The Waves at the Workman’s Club in Dublin tonight. Doors are at 8pm, the gig goes on until 3am and features support from Logikparty, The Last Sound, DJ Fitz and visuals by Mighty Robot A/V Squad from Berlin. IT’s €10 to get in and promises to be an amazing night of music. Buy the record over at Osaka – it comes on white vinyl. Mine arrived today – it’s so cool.