Archive: June 2012

I saw Kool Thing play the Forbidden Fruit festival in Dublin at the start of June. A great set, it was the closing song that grabbed my attention. A slow-building number that evolves when it feels like it, punctuated by the intro of a guitar being stabbed at, it felt epic. I now find out […]

Feeling angry? No Spill Blood are for you then. Featuring members of Elk, Adebisi Shank and Magic Pockets, No Spill Blood have been signed to the US label Sergeant House and are set to release their debut EP on July 31. The five-track Street Meat is sure to pack more than a punch. One of […]

One of my favourite bands We Are Losers are doing a little tour of Ireland with the Wakefield group Runaround Kids. After meeting at Leeds Festival last year they decided they should do something together. Hence, almost a year later, We Are Losers and Runaround Kids have put together a split single, which features them […]

This is such a cool video. We Cut Corners‘ debut album, Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards, still gets plenty of play chez TPOE and ‘The Male Mind’ is one of the myriad highlights. It’s also one of the mainstays of their live set, a restrained but pulsating three minutes. The video was […]

The Midsummer festival is shining on Cork for 10 days, ending on July 1. It’s an arts and culture festival that brightens up the city for a few days in anotherwise dull summer. In previous years it’s only been the music events that have really appealed to me – the Spiegeltent was synonymous with the […]

The nerves are evident. This is terrifying, Villagers singer Conor O’Brien assures the audience after his band have played their first song to an audience since the Milk Market in Limerick last September. Later, after another new song, one of many, entitled ‘Passing A Message’, he says it’s strange playing these new songs in front […]