One of my favourite bands We Are Losers are doing a little tour of Ireland with the Wakefield group Runaround Kids. After meeting at Leeds Festival last year they decided they should do something together. Hence, almost a year later, We Are Losers and Runaround Kids have put together a split single, which features them covering one of each other’s tracks. Tonight sees them play the first of their three Irish shows together. They hit Twisted Pepper in Dublin first, the brilliant Bourke’s in Limerick tomorrow before heading to Galway and the Roisin Dubh on Friday. I’ve caught We Are Losers live a few times now, including at Camden Crawl Dublin at the start of May. Simply put they’re just a fun band to watch, a four-piece who look like they enjoy every second of being onstage.

The split single is coming out on Philophobia Music. Funnily enough, the songs I enjoyed most are the two covers. It’s nice to hear ‘The Narcassist’ coated in less noise. The original, by We Are Losers, is so shrouded in fog that you need a torch to get to the melody. The final track of the six sees Gavin Elsted cover ‘Can’t Lose Lover’ by Runaround Kids. It’s a total left turn from the five songs that precede it, but it’s a welcome look at the ability of all involved. “Hanging in the park with three ex-lovers, keep quiet cos I know I’ll say something and I can’t lose, can’t lose lover,” he sings. ‘We Vampires’ was my favourite song of last year, and here it gets a little more muscle added. But it’s the lyrics that get me every single time. It’s made for best friends to sing arm in arm (so are Losers trying to corner the Oasis market now?). The opening track, ‘Drinking History’, which you can listen to above, along with We Are Losers’ ‘Talk’, sees Runaround Kids spit their way through a tale of returning home, “where the place is the same but the people are all gone”. Then they go even harder and faster for ‘Lesser Loved’.

Sadly Runaround Kids won’t be making it down to Cork, but We Are Losers will. With Girl Band in tow, they’ll headline Plugd Records, which is part of the Triskel arts centre on Tobin Street, on Saturday, July 7. The Point Of Everything and Plugd are teaming up to host it. Here’s the Facebook event, Cork people. See you there, say hello, and fall in love with two of the best bands in Ireland.