I saw Kool Thing play the Forbidden Fruit festival in Dublin at the start of June. A great set, it was the closing song that grabbed my attention. A slow-building number that evolves when it feels like it, punctuated by the intro of a guitar being stabbed at, it felt epic. I now find out the track is called ‘Plan.Life.Go.’ It’s going to be the first 12″ on new Dublin-based indie label Laser Guided Melodies, a side-label if you will of Fatty Fatty Music. Kool Thing call ‘Plan.Life.Go.’ their signature tune, “a hymn to the redemptive power of rock’n’roll and the euphoric rush of new love, building up from a simple bluesy twang into a cinematic 21st Century sonic assault”. I call it as confident as a band can get. The vinyl gets released tomorrow, with the two-piece playing the Marie Antoinette in Berlin. Since I live in Cork I, er, don’t think I’ll be making it. The release featuring remixes by Toby Kaar and Reid, two of my favourite Irish artists. Nialler 9 is streaming Toby’s remix here.