Feeling angry? No Spill Blood are for you then. Featuring members of Elk, Adebisi Shank and Magic Pockets, No Spill Blood have been signed to the US label Sergeant House and are set to release their debut EP on July 31. The five-track Street Meat is sure to pack more than a punch. One of the most intense live bands in Ireland, No Spill Blood roar their way through their sets. They’ve just unleashed the first track from the EP, ‘Good Company’. A repetitive slab of power and noise, Matt Hedigan’s vocals pierce through the static and like a kick to the gut, ‘Good Company’ will leave you winded. But you’ll come back for more. They always come back for more… There’s so much energy in this near five-minute track, you wonder how much more of an impact it will have live. No Spill Blood play Whelan’s on July 5.