C!ties are the little band that could have. They could have been massive. Their intricate instrumental songs were of a standard other bands could only have dreamed of. But alas the three-piece from Clare called it a day last year. Twelve months on and bassist Sean has been editing some videos of the band performing their songs live. Above is ‘Anna Chapman’, an epic seven minutes that exemplifies why C!ties are still so highly thought of in the Irish music scene. The band write: “Anna Chapman is one of the newer ones that we spent half our lives writing and they got really long. It’s dedicated to sexy Russian spies everywhere.” Three more live videos after the jump. Go listen to why C!ties could have been your favourite band.

“This is Machines, a relatively old track, yet somehow it never made it to any sort of recorded format until now. Too evil perhaps. A regular in the live set, a regular stringbreaker too.”

“This is 4+1=5, originally released on our EP. The recording is from our final Limerick show, upstairs in Dolan’s, Limerick, 26/05/12. It was one of the first songs we ever wrote as a trio, perhaps the very first.”

“This song is called Unreal t’Fact, only ever released before as a rough demo on a little Out on a Limb Records CD-R compilation that none of us seem to have a copy of. It was recorded in one live take, although not the first, in a small room that we worked in for three days, with minimal knowledge of what we were doing or what exactly we wanted to achieve. DIY as always – this is the result.”