Unless they went totally leftfield and ditched their pop-punk tracks for, I dunno, bluegrass folktronica (is that a thing yet?), I was always going to like these new We Are Losers songs. As I said here, my two favourite songs of the six are Runaround Kids‘ cover of ‘The Narcissist’ and We Are Losers’ cover of RK’s ‘Can’t Lose Lover’, the sharpest left turn of the collection. But Losers’ ‘Talk’ is one of the most joyous songs I’ve heard so far this year. I put on a gig in Plugd over the weekend where We Are Losers followed a short, spiky set from Girl Band (go see them live!). I found it impossible not to get caught up in just the wave of happiness that exudes from the speakers when We Are Losers play. If you’re feeling shitty I would suggest listening to ‘Talk’ up loud and dancing around your bedroom – it’ll make everything feel that bit better. Up there is a picture of Gavin from We Are Losers taken by Brid O’Donovan, who’ll have more pictures of the gig up on We Are Noise later. You’ll see Gav in his ‘wifebeater’ vest, as he called it. No comment. Listen to Runaround Kids and We Are Losers’ single below, and buy it on 12″ over at Bandcamp.