The second EP from the Skinny Downers collective – “Deen O’Saurus and Windchime, others come and go” – is intriguing and sticks to their mantra that “constant progression is the main aim, you will not hear the same song twice”. A five-track EP, Isn’t It, arrived at the beginning of the year and Into The Void continues in the same vein. Its dark atmospherics and sparse environs are at odds with some of their influences, listen on Breaking Tunes as including Animal Collective. But whereas their music can lift you up to the next level, the echo-chamber vocals of Skinny Downers’ ‘Breeze’ leave you isolated in the dark. The progression throughout the tracks is expertly crafted, moving the listener along without them even noticing. There were times, such as on ‘Hold Direction’ that Skinny Downers veer into drone, but they emerge just as your worst fears begin to form (I don’t like drone). Deen has been in the bands Black Robots and Percolator (the latter of whom I have seen; I enjoyed their Pavement-aping sounds, if I remember correctly), but Skinny Downers is at once one of the most engrossing and affective bands I’ve heard in a while. Listen and download Into The Void below.