Formerly a guitarist in And So I Watch You From Afar, Tony Wright left last year to pursue an acoustic path under the guide of Verse Chorus Verse. He writes: “When I was left with little choice from my last band but to go out on my own, I began to embrace where my musical journey had begun. All the way back to my mother teaching me those Denver, Dylan and Baez songs. I took an acoustic guitar and hopped back on that path I had started out on all those years ago, except now with nearly two decades of a punk rock/alternative education under my belt. People thought I’d lost my mind, some people still do. In fact, people have told me that, almost every time I leave the house for a gig, or a cycle, or to buy magic beans. All because my parents told me if you don’t have something nice to say about somebody don’t say anything at all. If you get what I mean.”

Wright has recorded six lofi covers for two charities, the mental health charity First Fortnight and Action Cancer (Coleraine). You can name your price for the EP here. Listen to the songs, which include covers of the CLash and Nirvana among others, below and read Tony Wright’s full piece on the EP here. Well worth your time.