Tablets are a four-piece from Ireland who have just released their first EP, a self-titled effort. And that’s pretty much the only information that is out there on the internet. There’s nothing indicative of their nationality – the songs could easily have been created in a bedroom in Brooklyn or further afield. Their Facebook page has no information on Tablets, nor does their Breaking Tunes page, which grandly announces: “We are Tablets.” It’s bedroom music but on a vast scale. And it’s absolutely jaw-dropping. They call it Factory-esque synthwave. The opener is a pop track with vocals covered in loads of effects. ‘All That Fall’ and ‘I Feel Uneasily Loved’ are slower, relying on repetition to draw you in. It all reaches its zenith on the final track when the synth kicks in. The vocals are like Lykke Li if she wore Fever Ray’s makeup. Download the EP here for just €2. There are videos to all the tracks here. Tablets – the perfect antidote, eh?