The singer and guitarist with Land Lovers, Padraig Cooney, has turned the fuzz up for his new band Skelocrats and their debut EP Whip Crack Away. It doesn’t sound too far removed from what’s gone before, but I just love his voice. Skelocrats also feature Bronwyn from We Are Losers, Michael from Groom and Paddy from Grand Pocket Orchestra. Whip Crack Away is full of exuberance and fun. There are clear comparisons with the aforementioned GPO, too, and they’d fit perfectly into the Popical Island collective (they had a song, ‘Skelocrats In Heaven’ featured on Compilation #3 here), but the likes of ‘Death to All Who Speak Against Me’ prove impossible to resist in their own right. ‘Little Mo’ displays another side to Cooney’s talents as well, showing he’s more than capable at writing a catchy and infectious but simple pop song. Download Whip Crack Away for free below. Catch Skelocrats supporting Ginnels on August 10 at the Little Green Street Gallery.