Hailing from Cork and Laois, Waking Up Sunday make positively gorgeous music. ‘The Glass Bridge’ sways along ever so gently, wooing you with its softly spoken vocals. It’ll make you feel like you’ve died again. The vocals are provided by Briony O’Toole, and the production is the work of Cian Sweeney. They’re both students of the Cork School of Music, operated under the auspices of CIT, which a few months ago announced it will offer Ireland’s first degree in pop music. The four-year, level-eight degree course will start in September with provision for 20 musicians. (More on this here.) You can’t force talent. Waking Up Sunday started with Cian in his bedroom, figuring everything out before recruiting Briony for her vocals – she has a pretty good range judging by the tracks they’ve put up on Soundcloud. Theirs is myriad genres, too, from the swirling Portishead-styled ‘The Glass House’ to the full-on pop of ‘That Ain’t Romance’, which plenty more to discover, too. They duo say: “We’re not in this for the money – all our tracks are free to download. We’re in this to get good music back on the radio and to make everyone feel a bit better.” They certainly do that. Listen and download some tracks below. There are more here.