Dublin duo Forrests have been making all the right sounds lately. Well, they made one great sound in the form of ‘Billions‘, a stunning three minutes of effervescent noises pulled together to blow you away. They’ve been announced for Electric Picnic and for Hard Working Class Heroes in October. Forrests are a sideproject of Channel One, currently on hold. Comprising Owen O’Mahony and Paul O’Reilly, Forrests are ready to show the youngsters like Mmoths and Reid how it’s done. They have finally unleashed a new track, ‘Tarifa’, on Xlr8r (remember Richie Egan’s rant against this type of move a few months back?) Anyway, ‘Tarifa’ is a sunny slice of life, a fast paced romp where the little sparks of vocals are the highlight. There are layers and layers to uncover. Forrests: once you get in, you won’t want to come out. Listen to and download ‘Tarifa’ here.