This is a nice way to ease me back into the blogging world after Electric Picnic. It was a really good weekend but I won’t bore you with what I did. Let’s just say that while it was my first, it most certainly won’t be my last. Anyway, the Crayon Set are an eight-piece collective who make music that will make everything feel OK. Well, the music will. The lyrics will probably make you cry into your tea, rip up all the photos of you and your ex and promise that you’re done with the other sex forever. “Together we were falling apart,” sings Labhaoise in the chorus, reducing listening to shivering wrecks. The video, meanwhile, was directed by Jasmina Jasinska and features the band getting back together – they had fallen apart, presumably. It features the band playing in a field, by the docks and in a room filled with balloons. I can only imagine how much fun that was. The Crayon Set launch ‘I Wanted You’ upstairs at Whelan’s on Saturday, September 22. The gig is free, with support coming from Adela and the Meanits. The song will feature on the band’s forthcoming album, due out in the coming months, or early 2013. Download ‘I Wanted You’ for free, after the jump.