I’ve featured Sad Soul Circus a few times on the blog since he first started releasing songs this year. And the quality just keeps getting better. Latest track ‘Rebirth’ went up online last night, and is available as a free download. It’s a slow building journey that enters Mmoths’ territory early on. But then the brass enters and it gets as euphoric as an Elbow song. There are lyrics buried deep down, too. And yeah, it sticks to the definition of the song title: “the action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline.” Sad Soul CIrcus is playing a show I’m putting on in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper on Saturday evening. He’s supporting the excellent Replete and Carried By Waves. It’s gonna be a really cool show, so hope to see you there. How can you resist when these are the sounds you can expect? All details here.