I’m not a fan of comparing a new band to another. Mainly because I don’t think it’s fair to either group, also because it’s lazy, and finally because I’m usually not smart enough to think of a good comparison. But ‘Green Eyed’ by September Girls sounds like early Horrors but with more Y chromosomes and less pretension. Harmless Noise blogged this song late last week, later telling me that members of September Girls have also been part of Talulah Does The Hula, The Chalets and Neosupervital. So they’ve been around the block and maybe with this band, and this track, they’re finally doing what they wanted to do all along: play fuzzy guitar and make short, punky tracks. September Girls release ‘Greed Eyed’ on 7″ on Soft Power Records, a self-proclaimed ‘tiny indie record label in Scotland’.