The Scottish band Frightened Rabbit did a relatively lengthy tour of Ireland over the last two weeks. Some Irish bands should take note: there’s more than just Dublin, Galway, Limerick and, even though it’s left off plenty of bands’ schedules of late, Cork. I saw Frightened Rabbits in Cyprus Avenue last week. It was sold out which I thought was kind of weird. There’s nothing commercial about Frightened Rabbit, and it’s not like you see them on the cover of magazines. But anyway, last Wednesday was a sweaty one for band and crowd alike. There’s little that links Ed Sheeran (who has sold out three dates at the O2 in Dublin) and this band of Scots. But both wear emotions on their sleeve (even though I don’t think Sheeran actually feels anything) so maybe that’s why there was a crowd; people just want to feel something among a couple of hundred others. And Frightened Rabbit could make a grown man cry. State Hospital does not deviate from its responsibility. Scott’s voice wobbles in all the right places; the curse words, when they come, elevate a line about many others; and songs explode just when you want them to. The final track of these five features Aidan Moffat who I got to see (and hear) for the first time in Edinburgh last month. So if ‘Wedding Gloves’ doesn’t make you feel something deep down then maybe you are better off just buying a ticket to Ed Sheeran. Pre-order the State Hospital EP here.