I don’t know how to describe this, the latest release by Cork trio Lamp. It’s vastly different to the last 10 songs I’ve heard by anybody. It’s jazzy in places, in that it’s impossible where the next minute of any of these four tracks will take you; the most obvious example of this is the eight-and-a-half-minute final track ‘Alter For Allen’. You’ll need to sit down while you listen to it, and will probably need to spend a long time thinking about it after. Lamp’s own description of themselves is pretty spot on: “Angular guitars, irregular timings, progressive rock sensibilities and monster riffs. Finding a neat definition or genre with which to categorise the band is a challenging prospect. The band create as sonically dense an output as possible through the use of low tunings and sub-octave guitar pedals. The resultant effect has come to be Lamp’s almost signature sound.” Trials Of Trails is yours on Bandcamp for €4.