King Krule is one of my favourite new acts around. It’s that voice. How could those words come from someone so young – Krule is a teenager from London, real name Archy Marshall. ‘Octopus’ is the b-side on King Krule’s forthcoming single, to be released on the Rinse label, which is home to Katy B and Skream, among others. This is quite the departure from those acts, however, as there is nothing remotely commercial about either ‘Octopus’ or the a-side ‘Rock Bottom’. They’re old school songs featuring a voice and guitar sound you don’t expect to fall in love with in 2012. Clocking in at three-and-a-half minutes, ‘Octopus’ is atmospheric, the sound of somebody wandering around a city’s streets at 5am. Listen to ‘Rock Bottom’ after the jump.