The ways I’ve heard people describe Road Records it seemed like a mythical, magical place. I never got to go in there, but ordered some of my first records on their site. I still have a couple of CD compilations of theirs. Set up by Dave Kennedy and Julie Collins in 1997, it shut its doors for the final time a couple years ago. This half-hour documentary charts its rise and features the likes of 2FM DJs Dave Fanning and Dan Hegarty, and Irish artists such as Richie Egan (Jape, Redneck Manifesto) and Glen Hansard (The Frames). What you discover is that Road Records was a labour of love, and people adored it because of this. As the journalist Sinead Gleeson says, it just wasn’t like anywhere else. People still miss Road, and probably always will. Wish I could’ve experienced it. It was shot by the Media Coop.