It’s been an incredible 18 months for Le Galaxie, from the release of their debut album to one of the most talked about acts after this year’s Electric Picnic. With two pre-Christmas shows at the Workman’s Club selling out in about a week – the first in one day – I talked to Dave McLoughlin, the bassist and one quarter of the band, about their live shows, what they have planned to top their phenomenally successful year… and the Jurassic Park theme tune. Le Galaxie play the Pavilion in Cork on Saturday from 9pm. It’s free in and support comes from Bantum. They play Hard Working Class Heroes in Dublin on October 5 at 11.30pm in the Meeting House Square.

“There’s no half-measures – you’ve just gotta throw your hands in the air and go with it.”

Dave McLoughlin is talking about Le Galaxie’s live show. Over the last 18 months it’s gathered plaudits from all comers, both casual onlooker and those who have already seen them and returned fist full of glowsticks – once you see the Dublin four-piece you’re converted. Like Dave and the band, you just go with it.

Le Galaxie have just sold out two shows at the Workman’s Club in Dublin just before Christmas. Despite the plaudits being lavished on Irish bands at the moment, if you’re not the Script or the Coronas, your band is probably not selling out venues three months in advance. But that’s what Le Galaxie, formed from the remnants of the postrockers 66e, have done; a group with one album to their name, one that was not even physically released. “We were as surprised as anyone else,” Dave says of the two sold-out shows. “Coming from playing in bands – and anyone who has played in bands, you’re just hoping to get enough people in to a venue to cover your costs and to make a bit of money – we certainly weren’t expecting to sell out so quickly, and then to sell out two shows as well was just incredible and a really nice surprise. It’s going to be a fantastic end to the year for us.”

He admits that it was off the back of their Electric Picnic show that they were able to shift so many tickets. A 2am slot on the Saturday night of the three-day festival, Le Galaxie played the show of their careers. It was euphoric and many people have cited them as the highlight of the weekend, including Nialler 9 (“The four-piece showed once again why they are the best live dance act in Ireland right now.”) They ended with a double salvo many bands would shy away from if they were suggested: N-trance’s ‘Set U Free’ and the Jurassic Park theme tune. Dave laughs when it’s asked why they ended with those songs. “It makes no sense. It’s something we thought of doing over the last number of years, putting some music at the end of our gigs just for fun. You know, you finish the gig and walking off stage and the lights come on in the venue, whatever; having this music on is just one of the moments… it creates a wonderful atmosphere. So we’ve done that with lots of different bits of music, Total Recall, ET, and a few years ago we started using the Jurassic Park theme from time to time, which was our favourite – it gets the best reaction. It’s just a bit of fun. We like our gigs to be just really fun and uplifting, and when you end on a note like that, I mean you just can’t lose.”

Fun seems to be Le Galaxie’s raison d’etre. The name alone should reveal that. If you follow their Facebook or Twitter accounts you’ll get more of an idea, as they share photos of dogs dressed as Michael Jackson, and other random pictures that I actually don’t know how to describe. Listening to the debut album, Laserdisc Nights 2, a ridiculous name, you might be sceptical of an Irish band producing that type of music. But it’s just so much fun. “Our plan for the album was just to get it out there and gig it as much as we could and see where that led us,” Dave claims. They’ve been playing regularly around Ireland and further beyond since the album was released in June last year. “We tend to keep going… Some bands might tend to take a break or stuff like that but we found that playing live is where it’s at for us. So we do end up in a situation where we’re forcing ourselves to not play. We tend to just not stop gigging so it can seem like we have been out for a long time.”

The Fade 2 Forever EP was released in the summer and gave an added boost to the band’s trajectory. It’s available on 10″ white vinyl – “like the most beautiful dinner plate you’ve ever seen” – and continues along a similar path laid by its predecessor. Opener ‘Love System’ is the highlight – and probably my favourite song of the year – sung by Galway’s Elaine Mai. Describing the recording process, it’s obvious how proud Dave is of the song. “I was recording her at the time and I was just setting the level but I pressed record anyway and she started to sing. Myself and the guys were just floored, virtually tears rolling down our cheeks, pure joy at how good she was doing it. Pretty much most of that first take she did when I was setting a level ended up on the EP.”

So behind the visage of euphoric joy and endless fun, there is a serious side. Le Galaxie are planning on taking November off, writing some new tracks and releasing a follow-up album next year. It’s going to be a tough task trying to replicate the success of the last few months though. “We’re not waiting for anyone to give us the leg up. We’re just keeping our head down and keep on going,” Dave proclaims, looking up at space, presumably.