Archive: October 2012

Taken from the excellent album Family, the video for ‘Trucks At Night’ gives us a glimpse of life on the road for the Cast of Cheers. Yes, it features trucks, and also sitting in a diner getting cake and coffee – how long does it take the waitress to fill up the cup? The band […]

Dublin fivesome September Girls only released a single last week (on Soft Power Records), but they’re not taking a breather. Don’t stop me now, as Freddie might say. Released on vinyl on the US label Matinee on November 6, the Wanting More EP features two remastered September Girls tracks, ‘Hell’s Bells’ and ‘Wanting More’, plus […]

We’re getting ever closer to the release of Villagers‘ second album Awayland. It’s due out on January 11 in Ireland – that’s only 74 days away! We’ve already heard and fallen in love with ‘The Waves’ and now we get ‘Passing A Message’. I like the timing of the song: last week in Ireland a […]

Here’s this week’s Essential stories and the best new music we’ve heard this week (that haven’t already featured on the blog). Click the jump to see the 10 articles, then on the next page are some new videos by the likes of M83, a new track from the Weeknd, the return of Girls’ Christopher Owens, […]

Conor O’Brien of Villagers walks around Paris with his acoustic guitar for Hiboo (they also filmed him during the Becoming A Jackal cycle doing ‘Set The Tigers Free‘ and ‘Home‘). This time he’s doing ‘The Waves’ and it’s just wonderful. I love around the 2.45-minute mark when the person pays no attention to the guy […]

A dark and blue performance by Northen Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club. Performed live on Conan O’Brien’s talkshow (he was in Ireland last week), ‘Sleep Alone’ is one of the prime cuts from Beacon, the band’s second album.

I’ve liked Chad Valley for ages and he’s finally, finally set to release a full-length album. Young Hunger is out next month in Ireland on the Loose Lips label (you can stream it after the jump, via Hype Machine) and features guest stars such as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs amd Twin Shadow. Glasser lends his […]

Already available to buy on the Irish iTunes, ‘The John Wayne’ now gets its own video, starring a really nice house and cake. Mmm, cake. Little Green Cars have recorded their debut album with Markus Dravs, and should be out early next year. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store for us. […]

Following the release of a new track on Monday, today brings the premiere of the new Girl Band EP. The Dublin band have only released a single to date – the excellent In My Head – but if you’ve seen them live over the last year you’ll notice a couple of tracks on France 98. […]

Bouts are one of a number of Irish bands who played this year’s CMJ showcase in New York. The Dublin four-piece kept a diary for the Point of Everything. Here’s the fourth and final entry, a wrap of their final few days in NYC.