The Essentials is a collection of the best links of the week that I’ve come across, along with some of the music I’ve been listening to but that hasn’t featured on the blog. In this week’s edition, another new video to whet the appetite for Bat For Lashes’ new album, the debut EP by Adebisi Shank’s Lar Kaye, the Cast of Cheers get remixed by Errors, and my personal favourite, King Krule’s two-hour show on Rinse FM. After the music comes the links, including a piece on the 30th birthday of the CD, and why Grizzly Bear aren’t as rich as you might think. Click the jump for all the goodness.

Bantum finally unveiled his debut album, Legion. Listen to it here.

The Links:

An idiot’s guide for emerging artists to making money from your music publishing rights
“Music publishing isn’t simple to get your head around at first, that’s why it is somewhat still a mystery to emerging artists.”

The CD was 30 on Monday. NPR says it’s feeling its age.
“I expect that when we think the CD is gone for good — in other words, when the major record companies stop manufacturing them, like they did with the LPs — others will spring up to continue to provide them.”

Grizzly Bear Members Are Indie-Rock Royalty, But What Does That Buy Them in 2012?
“People probably have an inflated idea of what we make,” says Ed Droste. “Bands appear so much bigger than they really are now, because no one’s buying records. But they’ll go to giant shows.”

Geologist of Animal Collective on living in Washington DC.
“We’re big in a very small bubble,” Weitz says. “But, yeah, I like the anonymity.”

The Flipside Of BitTorrent – Why Many Musicians Still Hate It
“Most artists and labels are not creative thinkers. They follow the latest trend or style cause that’s where the money is. When college radio or Grey’s Anatomy is successful for one artist/label. Everybody tries the exact same thing,” he explained. “If BitTorrent is really is a way for artists/labels to increase revenue they will be on it like a flash mob. That flash mob should have happened by now.”

The Colossus of New York
“However you feel about the particulars of his career and whatever choices he had to make to arrive here, it is an astonishing tale. On this night, Jay was like a symbol returning to Earth as a man. Having obtained the status of myth, he just wanted to be flesh and bones again. He was projecting old feelings against the present day, a playful cackle or an astounded “Shit … ” the only way to reconcile the disparity.”

Grantland on Muse: How a bloated, bombastic rock band explains our fracturing cultures
” I consider myself a Muse fan, but I’d never argue this band gets it right most of the time. I find that the idea of Muse is often more enjoyable than Muse’s music. One-third of Muse songs are unlistenable, another third are merely ridiculous, and the final third are stupidly exhilarating.”

Back on the Rails: Seven Thoughts on the Return of Godspeed You! Black Emperor
“One reason no one has filled the void Godspeed left is that no one else could gain a foothold while simultaneously coming over as so pretentious. I have no reason to think the band members aren’t all good people, but in terms of presentation, these guys get away with murder, and it’s wonderful. For one, there are the melodramatic communications, which tend to situate the band as sick and victimized and hanging by a thread as the late-capitalist apocalypse draws near.”