Tame Impala: a trip inside the head of main man Kevin Parker
Reflecting on his hyper-sensitivity and self-doubt (surely, the twin engines powering all tortured artists), Parker is thoughtful, but mostly relieved to have reached the finishing line with a new set of songs. “If you don’t have anyone to talk to at the time, it grows into a massive beast ricocheting inside your head,” he says. “You have no way of stopping it when it’s just you making the music. A bad thought can spiral and you can get so depressed you just think you’re worthless. There were times recording this album that I thought, ‘This the worst fucking thing I’ve ever heard in my life.'” There’s an awkward pause, which I almost jump to fill with hurried reassurance, before he cracks a grin: “Conversely, sometimes I listen to it and think it’s the best thing ever.”

And here’s the Line of Best Fit interview with Tame Impala
“I generally think that Tame Impala music is ‘grower’ music instead of ‘right then and there’ music. With some music you love the first instance you hear it and I think Tame Impala music, it kind of takes you a while, so when I read reviews of people who have only heard it once I’m not really concerned by it – I’m generally not really concerned by it anyway but especially not with people who have just heard it once or whatever
90 Minutes with Johnny Jewel – Part 1: Chromatics’ live show, torture and EDM
It’s crazy, we used to cruise the streets at night trying to find cool people, it was so lonely, it was brutal. I like Mudhoney, but Portland, Seattle…it was like the dark ages in the 90s. Now electronic music is the new grunge so it’s equally retarded.

Check out the first batch of bands announced for the Eurosonic festival in Groningen. Little Green Cars are among the Irish acts.

A Rational Conversation: NY Times Critic Jon Caramanica On What Gets Covered (And Why) In 2012’s Music Journalism…

The Insider: Doing it for the kids? How Radio One needs to get over its obsession with youth
what is really happening here is an abrogation of responsibility on Radio One’s part to act as the gatekeeper of what is ‘relevant’ and ‘worthwhile’ in the broadest pop spectrum and its replacement by a back to front model; the existing audience defining the future and the supposed tastemakers turning into service droids. Meanwhile, a generation raised on accessing what they want, when they want, will continue to drift from pre-programmed radio to their own on-demand services in greater and greater numbers

Harmless Noise’s Overview of Hard Working Class Heroes
An industry showcase first and foremost, open to the public, there are numerous demands imposed that require attention and after six years observing the event’s ascent in the Irish music calendar it struck me several times over the weekend that all objectives have been achieved and there is no doubting the decision to expand to 100 Irish bands in one go was an absolute resounding success.

Music streaming: what do songwriters really get from YouTube or Pandora?
Record labels have realised that they’re spending millions on the music videos from which YouTube – without having to pay anything for the content it hosts – is earning big advertising revenue.

DiS meets Flying Lotus
“All of a sudden after that record I had people like Kanye [West] and M.I.A hitting me up, wanting me in the same room as them… “I’m not really interesting in playing on someone else’s field, you know? It’s flattering if people want to take me there, but I don’t want to have to fucking do some shit I don’t want to do, that I’m not honest about.”

Full transcript of an interview with Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Bands get chewed up in the gears before the rest of the world does. And then bands sing pretty songs while they they get chewed up that way.

Morrissey appeared on the Colbert Report this week. Colbert is one of my comedy heroes. Good luck trying to get a laugh out of the Meat is Murder singer though.

Bats are gearing up for their new album, the last that will appear on Richter Collective. Here’s the first video, for ‘Wolfwrangler’.

Villagers get remixed by Mmoths. (Also, look at this picture of Conor with Annie Mac.)