Bouts are one of a number of Irish bands playing this year’s CMJ showcase in New York. The Dublin four-piece are keeping a diary for the Point of Everything. Here’s entry number three.

Bouts Chaos after everyone’s set @ The Bell House

Tuesday morning rolled round and, between ticking off Times Square, The M&M store, more music and record shops and eating Vietnamese food in a tiny restaraunt in Chinatown (between lightening fast NY downpours), it was time for the actual business of the trip. We made our way to Union Square to register for CMJ proper and ended up in the media area being offered impromptu Cutty Sarks (at 11am a little too early for some of Bouts). A quick reorientation later, we walked a couple of blocks south to Washington Square and its beautiful NYU campus building surrounds. We registered, picked some bags of festival tat (are mousepads a crucial part of any bands intinerary?) had quick chats with Angela Dorgan of First Music Contact and messyrs Squarehead before strolling across the city to The Living Room to take in our first CMJ show. Obviously we called into another record store along the way – the lovely Other Music.

Daniel, Colin, Barry Bouts on the L line subway home at 2am

A panel show or two was also taken in before it was time for our Tuesday night show in The Bell House. The venue was a lovely old ballroom bar about 45 minutes further south from us in Brooklyn. Walking through an area not dissimliar to Ballymount industrial estate (full of artists studios and businesses, apparentely) before arriving. Playing with Atlanta’s Turf War, and New York’s Chappo and Lost Boy? was a rather eclectic bill, but the crowd were really receptive. Our subway home took almost two hours and five changes as some of the line was closed for midweek repairs, but it turned into something of an Alice in Wonderland, Yellow Brick Road, Magical Mystery Tour culminating in a saxophonist doing a version of ‘We Tried’ in our subway carriage at 2 in the morning!