One of my favourite bands in Ireland right now – you HAVE to see Girl Band live – are gearing up for the release of their second EP. Reaching out to football fans around the world, the France 98 EP is named after the 1998 World Cup in, yup, France. ‘You’re A Dog’ is the opening track off the five-song EP. It sounds like a pissed off Nirvana of the later years playing their early stuff. I half expect Dara to say ‘moderate rock’ before things kick off, a la Kurt Cobain at the start of ‘Tourette’s’. ‘You’re A Dog’ is meant to be played as loud as your speakers go. As with their single, In My Head, Girl Band are releasing France 98 on Any Other City, with a limited run of 300 12″ records. I’ll be premièring the France 98 EP on Wednesday afternoon, so make sure you come back then.