Conor O’Brien of Villagers walks around Paris with his acoustic guitar for Hiboo (they also filmed him during the Becoming A Jackal cycle doing ‘Set The Tigers Free‘ and ‘Home‘). This time he’s doing ‘The Waves’ and it’s just wonderful. I love around the 2.45-minute mark when the person pays no attention to the guy singing, playing guitar and getting filmed. Instead she looks the other way and tries to overtake him as quickly as possible. How does she not get mesmerised? Hiboo wrote a lovely accompaniment to the video, too. They begin: “At the beginning of the summer of 2010, I met a little boy around the Abbesses. He took everything in hand, he had it all: an amazing voice, divine melodies, arpeggios to cry, and a sensitivity that only the Irish seem to possess. From this meeting was born 2 videos (I should at the same time thank James Vincent McMorrow because it was thanks to him that Conor O ‘Brien was so motivated!) …” Villagers play Whelan’s on November 13 – sold out – and will be back in Dublin on March 21 for a date at the Olympia. ‘The Waves’ is out now, and the second album Awayland is going to be released in January.