We’re getting ever closer to the release of Villagers‘ second album Awayland. It’s due out on January 11 in Ireland – that’s only 74 days away! We’ve already heard and fallen in love with ‘The Waves’ and now we get ‘Passing A Message’. I like the timing of the song: last week in Ireland a young boy found a message in a bottle that had been sent from Canada eight years ago. The next day, Oisin Millea got to chat to the two girls who had sent it all those years ago. You can read more about that good news story here. That story took us from Canada to Waterford, and Villagers on this track take us from Sequoia National Park in Sierra Nevada to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but it’s not quite a happy tale. Like ‘The Waves’ the song is on edge. The message on TV means nothing to Conor, who has turned from a productive honeybee to suffering from atrophy. I love the piano madness at around the 1.30-minute mark. Captures the mad, swirling thoughts of the mind perfectly. You can download ‘Passing A Message’ on iTunes now. Villagers play the Olympia in Dublin on March 21. The lyric video was directed by Billy Pilgrim. (After the jump there’s a video of Conor talking about the new album, quite plainly, alongside snippets of some of the tracks that feature on Awayland.)