I think Runaround Kids are the band I wished I could’ve been in when I first picked up a bass about 10 years ago. Their exuberance is so infectious, it usually leaves me jumping around the room, then crying in the corner that I’m not a teenager any more. Since releasing a split single with We Are Losers in the summer, the Wakefield band has had another split, with the Spills, called ‘Into The Light‚Äč’ and are gearing up for the release of Teeth Blue, Lips Red, which compiles everything they’ve done this year – and they’ve been busy – into one neat, little package. ‘Blush’ is brash and what I’ve come to expect, know and love about Runaround Kids. It clocks in at under three minutes, driven by the bass. All the trappings of youth are on show: “My dear when I take off these jeans I’m sure I’ll see you in my dreams.” It sounds like so much fun. They’d probably be my favourite band in the world if I was still a teenager. You can download ‘Blush’ for however much you want, and can pre-order the compilation at their Bandcamp. It comes as a comic book with a CD in it.