Here’s a video of Squarehead performing ‘C’mon Man’, the second track of theirs that we’ve heard from the split album with So Cow, which is being released on Inflated Records. Entitled Out of Season, it’s released on vinyl and digital on November 13. That’s next week!! ‘C’mon Man’ stick’s pretty closely to Squarehead’s surf-pop ideals. But if it ain’t broke… Listen to ‘More Quickly’ here. Squarehead are one-third of the FMC tour going around Ireland at the moment. They play Kildare’s Late Lounge on Friday, and the Workman’s Club in Dublin on Friday. The tracklisting for Out of Season is below the video, after the jump.


So Cow
1 ‘I Hardly Know You’
2 ‘Days From The North’
3 ‘Ruan Vs The A-Bomb’
4 ‘Laundry Service’
5 ‘Waltzer’

1 ‘More Quickly’
2 ‘Hammertime’
3 ‘C’mon Man’
4 ‘Sicknote’
5 ‘Harkin’ On’