Three-piece girl group Hunk make a pleasant noise. They’ve honed that all down to about seven minutes for their first release, ‘Dope’, which is backed with ‘Hold On’. It’s getting a release on the Scottish label Soft Power Records, which already has a release by another promising Irish girl group under its belt, September Girls. The vocals on ‘Dupe’ are as twee as they come, almost juxtaposing the music which plummets into a free-for-all for the final 30 seconds. The B-side features vocals from Jen of Cave Ghosts (check out their debut EP here – it’s really good). I like the different cycles ‘Hold On’ goes through, starting off over a slow riff, exploding after 60 seconds. The track is peppered with ooohs and aaahs. It’s a little lazy but yes, Best Coast sounds like an influence. Hunk’s debut single is out on cassette next month. Pre-order it at Soft Power Records here.