I don’t know what I can say about this video. It goes on for 10 minutes, features that guy pictured up there ↑↑↑ chasing a half-naked dancing couple through the forest and a cave. Then there’s a sperm swimming. Later, Simon Bird throws a chair into a swimming pool. Then all the stars of the video dance while Bird finishes out the 10-minute track. What. The. Fuck. The video for ‘All The Houses On My Street Look Exactly The Same’ is probably closest to Muse’s ‘Knights of Cydonia‘ for craziness. It’s a much better track than Muse’s, though. It’s taken from the Dublin-based electronica artist’s debut album, Sport, which should be released shortly. The video was written and directed by Kevin A Freeney, who I imagine always has at least 50 ideas flowing through his brain. I expect we’ll see more Irish acts turn to him for videos over the next year. I look forward to seeing what he could possible do to top this.