From the Good Vibe Society‘s Facebook page on Tuesday: “On this very night in 1920, Cork City was burnt to the ground during a rampage by the infamous terrorist organisation known as the Black and Tans during the occupation of Ireland by the British Empire. Throughout December 11th and 12th, in retaliation for an earlier ambush by the Cork No.1 Brigade IRA, bands of Tans and Auxillary soldiers murdered and looted at will in a drunken spree before razing much of the city to the ground. The British Government then blamed the atrocity on the people of Cork themselves and no apology was ever issued. Good Vibe Society are proud to dedicate this new choon to those who still fight for freedom around the world today.”

You can read more about the Burning of Cork here. It’s really cool to hear bands doing something different, and rappers singing about history is as different as you can get, right? Historap, anybody? Cheers to Stevie G for the tip. You can listen to more from Good Vibe Society here.