ASIWYFA All Hail Bright Futures Cover

Christmas is 10 days away and so And So I Watch You From Afar have wrapped up the first track from their forthcoming third album and handed it to all fans of music. Oh man it’s good. ‘Like A Mouse’ is typically frenetic, with the rolling drums making me think of Muse – hopefully All Hail Bright Futures takes no inspiration from The 2nd Law. The tracks clocks in at just over two and a half minutes but you’ll have it on repeat until March 19, when Sargent House puts out their third album, their first to be recorded without Tony Wright, who is plotting his debut solo album under the moniker Verse Chorus Verse. After the jump you can take a look at what the ASIWYFA line-up looks like at the moment, after they’ve been painting, and see the tracklisting for the new album.


Tracklisting for All Hail Bright Futures:
1 ‘Eunoia’
2 ‘Big Thinks Do Remarkable’
3 ‘Like a Mouse’
5 ‘The Stay Golden’
6 ‘Rats on Rock’
7 ‘Trails’
8 ‘Mend and Make Safe’
9 ‘Ka Ba Ta Bo Da Ka’
10 ‘Things Amazing’
11 ‘All Hail Bright Futures’
12 ‘Young Brave Minds’