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Clocking in at around 20 minutes, My Name Is John, or MynameisjOhn if you prefer, has created something that is never anything less than enticing. The Focusing Effect is his second EP of the year, following on from February’s The Thinker and the Prover. As the title suggests, the seven songs here are a more focused affair than the previous collection. There are still a number of genres on display, all reverberating around hip-hop. Also spread throughout are spoken word interjections. The opening track tells us we are an animal capable of language and co-ordinated planning.’Eh Oh, Yo’ tells us everybody wants to appear to be rich, nobody wants to appear to be broke. This powerful information culminates in a story being recanted about a man who can play any song you could want him to play. The reason? He sold his soul to the devil. Shannon-based rapper God Knows shows up on ‘Don’t Mind Me’, a song that a lot of people in Ireland could relate to in 2012. The Focusing Effect comes at the end of a year when the Irish electronica and hip-hop scene really came to the fore. We had the likes of Lethal Dialect release the excellent LD50 Part II, and SertOne, to whom My Name Is John is perhaps most close to in sound, begin to realise his potential with a similarly focused effort, Shapes in the Sky. It will be interesting to see what these guys come up with in the next 12 months, but they can certainly be proud of what they’ve achieved so far. Download The Focusing Effect by My Name Is John for whatever you want to pay over at Bandcamp.