Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud Castle Lake featured on my list of Irish bands I want to hear more of this year, so naturally I’ve spend a large portion of today pressing play on Soundcloud listening to their cover of Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’. I know it’s a cover. I KNOW! But it’s Cloud Castle Lake – they have so little music on the internet that you have to gobble up and overindulge in these moments when they come. The Quompilations, in case you didn’t know, gather together a load of Irish bands performing covers of their favourite songs of the previous year, in this case 2012. They are the brainchild of Ian Maleney, who runs Quarter Inch Collective; Quompilation #3 is its final release. More on the release here, including the bands which you’ll be hearing. You can listen to Quompilation #2 below, after the jump. There’s a launch gig in the Workman’s on February 1 and here’s the Facebook event page. OK, back to ‘Jasmine’. Even though it’s a cover, and quite a faithful one at that (there aren’t any dubstep tangents, for example), I think the song still points to plenty that I like about Cloud Castle Lake. There’s assuredness throughout, particularly in Daniel McAuley’s voice. At around the 3.30-minute mark, he sings: “Make my dreeeeeeeaaaammms come true.” It’s wonderful. You can download the track below.

Here’s Jai Paul’s original, for comparison’s sake: