Slow place like home romola cover

Slow Place Like Home released three excellent EPs last year. You can see and listen to them all on the Donegal artist’s Bandcamp page. My particular favourite is There Go The Lights Again. SPLH is starting 2013 as I’m hoping he means to go on, too, with a new EP entitled Romola arriving in March. The first track from it is streaming below. It’s called ‘Cathleen’s Fall’ and heavy on the bass; despite the name, there’s no Skrillex-like drop anywhere in Cathleen’s four minutes. It’s repetitive and adds little bits that you’ll think were there all along. It’s one to lay back in your chair, close your eyes and let just wash over you. Beautiful. And if SPLH is half as prolific as last year I think I’ll be happy. Hope I get to see him live soon as well.