drunken boat

And so after four albums and a couple EPs since they founded in 2007, Drunken Boat are putting an end to their adventure tonight at the Twisted Pepper. They’ve done some great stuff in their six-year career, perhaps the culmination of which was last year’s excellent album Tie The Knots (which you can listen to, download or buy on vinyl here). But before they head off to pastures new they unveiled a final five-song EP. It’s available for free or for however much you want to pay for it here. It sounds great, with the three piece doubling in size to include guitarists from Bouts and Jogging (and Shane Holly, who is not a band). It’s all about the final song though, a glorious nine-minute trudge through rippling guitars that culminates in an epic final two minutes. The band says: “We’ve decided to pack it in after a busy four years. Dror is heading to Cuba and Jamaica for a while and is not sure when he’ll be back. Simon’s busy with his band You Kiss By The Book and playing with I Heart the Monster Hero. Brian is working on his side project The Lives of Millionaires… and Simon and Brian will form a new band in the first half for 2013. Any interested drummers please contact the band.”

Here’s the Facebook event for Drunken Boat’s final gig. Support comes from Cave Ghosts and Shane Holly. It’s at the Twisted Pepper, costs €8 and includes a copy of an album from the Drunken Boat discography. RIP Drunken Boat.