I am the Cosmos were one of the bands I really wanted to hear more from in 2013. I didn’t have to wait long. On Friday the Dublin two-piece released their debut album Monochrome on Noisey. Nine tracks long and clocking in at 45 minutes, it’s a collection of their work to date – it’s been three years since Ross Turner and Cian Murphy formed I am the Cosmos. Opening track ‘Lost Rhythm’ was released online back in September (I love the idea that they’re opening the album with a song called lost rhythm) and if you’ve been paying attention you should also be familiar with ‘Take What You Want‘, released on 7″ with a Ships track, and ‘Yves Klein Blue‘. Another couple of tracks were also previously online. The highlight of the nine songs, and the one I just can’t stop listening to, is the glorious ‘Esque’, which features the amazing voice of Daniel McAuley of Cloud Castle Lake (whom I was praising just last week). You can download the album over at Noisey and listen to it below. What a way to start the year. (Also check out the I am the Cosmos website, where you’ll find liner notes for the album.)