mmoths all these things cover

Zane Lowe played this new one from Mmoths on Monday’s show. Next hype, he called it. ‘All These Things’ fits right into what we’ve heard to date from Newbridge boy Mmoths – it’s got sultry vocals from Holly Miranda that don’t sound too far away from a subdued Florence and the Machine, which is when Florence is at her best. “You’ve been on my mind, now let me get in yours,” Miranda sings in a late-night lament. The track never really shifts out of first gear though, a slow tune that is built on a simple backing track. ‘All These Things’ never offers hope that these confused young lovers will get reunited, despite what you might anticipate. It’s taken from Mmoths’ second EP Diaries, out on March 4 on SQE. Here’s another track from it, ‘For Her‘.