depravations onwards westwards cover

Another of my bands I want to hear more from in 2013, the Depravations put up their debut album Onwards, Westwards late last night. Just like last week with I am the Cosmos’s online release of their debut album, I had no idea that the Depravations were going to unveil anything, let alone put up a whole album of material and let you, dear listener, decide how much you want to pay for it. (As an aside, I think this DiS piece musing on what counts as a single these days is probably the best thing I’ve read this week.) Anyway, The Depravations’ sound, more than hinted at with the album title, owes a lot to the west coast USA sound. There’s a hint of Real Estate/Cashier No 9 to the Depravations, an end-of-summer optimism that proves infectious. Added to that is a singer who does have a bit of the Irish singer-songwriter voice to him. However, the lyrics delve into melancholy on more than one occasion. “This town is a cancer, my friends are cancer,” David Boland sings on ‘Let Me Go’, juxtaposing the happy-go-lucky music with the darkest of thoughts. Track titles include ‘Lost Love’ and ‘We Are All Mortal’. You’ll find yourself swaying your head, really enjoying how happy the Depravations are making you feel, and then you’ll actually catch one of the lines being sung and chances are you’ll burst out crying. They’re less twee than they sounded on Mosey, their sole EP to date and which you can here on that 21 Irish acts list I linked to above. Onwards, Westwards is available to download for however much you feel like paying over at Bandcamp. Listen below.