come on live long cover

I was disappointed by ‘Little Ones’ when I first heard it last week. I really like Come On Live Long (evidence) but I felt a little bored by the track. It’s the first taster we’ve heard from their debut album, which is set to arrive in April/May (per their Facebook status). I think it’s because I know they’re capable of more exciting moments; ‘Elephants & Time‘, for example, is one of my favourite tracks of recent years. I hope Come On Live Long are holding back on us, wooing us in before astounding us with what they’ve come up with. ‘Little Ones’ is still a good track, by the way. It sounds like James Blake for about three minutes, where we’re told “your ego keeps holding me down”. Things pick up when it’s exclaimed: “Open your mouth and go take what they feed us.” You can download the track here and watch the video below, directed by Steve Battle and Louise Gaffney, both of whom are members of Come On Live Long. There’s a bit of a Where The Wild Things Are feel to it.