little xs for eyes late late show

I’ve never heard anybody sound as unconvinced talking about a band than Pat Kenny is introducing “Dublin-based six-piece band” Little Xs For Eyes, whose sound, he continues, is “in their own words, harmony heavy folk tinged with synth doo-wop, but you can judge for yourself”. Thanks Pat, I will. I like the idea that the band picked a song for the Late Late which contains the line, “Oh god I think I made a mistake.” It’s a confident performance from the pop band who do indeed do a mean harmony – Pat, you should be a blogger! ‘In The Light’ is available as a free download from Little Xs’ Bandcamp page, where you can download debut album SAD as well. They follow Soak, who played the Late Late Show a few weeks ago as part of what the programme is calling a showcase of Irish acts. About time.