The Vincent(s) 4

The Vincent(s) might be the most defiant band in Ireland. On their debut single ‘Asked Her To The Dance’, released on March 1 on Cork label Fifa Records, we’re told “I asked her to the dance but she didn’t want to go,” so our intrepid singer goes anyway, and shows off his best moves. We’re not told what the dance is – I would’ve liked a full rundown, just for some pointers, y’know? This is what I assume happened at the dance:

Anyway, It’s a cool track, one of those songs that you sing a few hours after hearing it and wonder how that happened. There’s a bit of a slacker sentiment running (meandering?) through its three and a half minutes as well, exemplified by the line: “I’ve ready to lose.” The Vincent(s) are touring Ireland as part of the single release. All dates after the jump.

Monday, Feb 11: The Pavilion, Cork
Friday, March 1: Whelan’s, Dublin
Saturday, Maarch 2:Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick (Support to Protobaby)
Saturday, March 9: The Pavilion, Cork
Wednesday, March 13: Cellar Bar, Galway
Saturday, March 16: Fibbers – Dublin
Friday, March 22: Pine Lodge – Myrtleville
Saturday, April 6: Sweeneys – Dublin (Retro Revival)