girls names the new life cover

Dazed yesterday premiered the second album from Girls Names, the Belfast band who have a tough job on their hands trying to better their debut, Dead To Me. On first impressions, they just might. There’s also an interview with singer Cathal Cully, one of those annoying Q&As probably done over email. Stupid questions include: ‘What’s your favourite filter on Instagram?’ and ‘You pressed the album on transparent vinyl. What’s the best thing to look at through it?’ You’re interviewing a band who are just about to release their second album, one your website had the privilege of premiering, and that’s what you ask? Here’s the best answer to one of the questions, anyway:

Q. A reviewer once said that he would like to drown to your music. Do you think of your music as dark or morbid?
Cathal Cully: I honestly didn’t know that. Poor guy or girl. No it’s not morbid at all, though it has dark and nervous sounding tendencies for sure. It does entertain the darker notions of the mind which is only natural, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I find it more shocking that people can make happy-sounding music and that no comment is passed about that. Most art as a form of expression is usually down to some sort of need to cathartically expel the ideas locked inside and therefore to create something new. Otherwise you’re just in the entertainment business.

Listen to The New Life below and preorder here. Via the accompanying blurb to buying the album: “Following a tour of Europe, the band returned home to record the album over a series of months. Having been produced by singer and songwriter, Cathal Cully, they’ve managed to capture that sense of otherness the performances at Primavera hinted at. The expansion to a four piece means the garage-clatter of the spritely pop songs of their debut have been replaced by a deeper, shadowy exercise in catharsis, driven by repetition, psychedelia and Dionysian crisis. And the record was born of a weighty concept too, as Cully explains: “The New Life is not an over night change for Girls Names – just over two years in fact. Dead to Me literally was dead to us by the time it was committed to wax. But it’s a learning curve. We started moving on as artists the moment we finished that recording session, maybe even before. Not to dwell on the past, The New Life is what happens when you reset everything back to zero and start again, but try to perfect. It starts back at zero the minute the needle hits the groove but we’re also starting back from zero once the needle lifts at the end of the record. Ad infinitum. The New Life is what follows now.”