kool thing cover

‘Plan.Life.Go’ was the last new track we heard from kool thing, the Berlin-based Dublin/Australian band. That was a slow-building atmospheric number with sinister stabbings of guitar. ‘TV Tower’ is the exact opposite of that. Kool thing release their debut album on March 4, the cover of which is above, and ‘TV Tower’ is the lead single from it. AND IT’S AMAZING. The title is referencing the famous landmark of the German capital. (I went to Berlin two years ago and you can see the tower from pretty much anywhere in the city. We never went up it though.) The strings at the start of the four-minute single totally threw me – I wasn’t expecting it because of what kool thing have done before. The lyrics revolve around the theme of falling while they’re sung in that smoky way that we’ve come to expect. It’s four minutes long but it flies by so fast. The band says: ” it follows the rendezvous of tumultuous lovers, set to a majestic musical melange somewhere between new wave, new romantic and new age.” I’m really excited to hear the full debut. I think it’ll be one of the best releases by an Irish band this year. They launch the album in the Button Factory in Dublin on March 9. The tracklisting for the debut is after the jump.

kool thing tracklisting:

1 ‘Low Love’
2 ‘Stories By The Bay’
3 ‘Light Games’
4 ‘Origins’
5 ‘The Sign’
6 ‘TV Tower’
7 ‘Vestebro’
8 ‘Floor Visions’
9 ‘Lost Days’
10 ‘Valleys’
11 ‘Line Drive’
12 ‘The Sky The Sea’
13 ‘Trees’
14 ‘Origins II’