reid wake large cover

Cork artist Reid and formerly Cork-based Kilkenny artist Replete both released new music yesterday, via xlr8r and Earmilk respectively. Cool to see they’re casting their nets further. It’s been a while since we heard new music from either act. Reid’s track, ‘Wake’ is as upbeat and summery as his previous work, with the various tenets of the five minute song all coming together nicely a couple of times. The cut-up vocals are really nice and don’t be surprised if you do end up trying to sing along. Good luck with that though. The track can be downloaded for free below. Replete, meanwhile, is gearing up for a new EP, due next month, and ‘Easy Love’ is our first taster. It’s much more ‘of the night’ featuring a Gil Scott Heron-type vocal repeating the line “gonna be happy now” while we get saxaphone added over the top. It’s a heavily layered track that warrants plenty of exploration.