time is a thief years in a second

Woah, where did this come from? I had Time is a Thief pegged as a band you only liked if you were a regular at Fred Zeppelin’s. Their debut album We’re Not Strangers is really good, but sticks to the heavy side of things. However, ‘Years In A Second’ is totally removed from that. It’s heavy on the piano, atmospheric and really grows into itself. It’s much more introvert than we might have expected, from the conservative black and white video, shot by Zombie, to some of the lines – “Do our dreams stay on repeat, I ask myself as I fall into defeat.” ‘Years In A Second’ will be available as a free download from TIAT’s Bandcamp page from next Friday. They’re playing Cyprus Avenue tonight, with support from Fast Like Fun and That Falling Feeling, and doing an all-ages show tomorrow at the same venue at 2pm with Struck, The Legionnaires and Wasted Space.